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  Formulation Development  

Our expertise involves 200 ANDA submissions of which 150 products (8 Modified Release Products) were approved for commercial use.

We have significant experience in Brand and Generic Product Development and Manufacturing.

Extensive experience in solid orals (IR, MR, ODT), Transdermals, Semi-solids, Liquids and Parenterals.

We have an exclusive relationship with a custom synthetic lab for NCEs, API modifications, co-crystallizations, polymorphs, nanocrystals, polysaccharides, etc. 

Formulation Development

  1. Oral Solid Dosages (Single and Bi-Layer Tablets)
    1. Immediate Release
    2. Modified Release (ER, CR, DR etc)
    3. Targeted Release
    4. Sub-lingual and Trans-mucosal
    5. Films
    6. Orally Disintegrating Tablets
    7. Combination Products
  2. Topicals
    1. Ointments
    2. Creams
    3. Foams
    4. Gels
    5. Lotions
    6. Powders
    7. Solutions
  3. Transdermals
    1. Matrix
    2. Reservoir Systems
  4. Liquids
    1. Solutions
    2. Suspensions
    3. Inhalations
    4. Sprays
  5. Parenterals
    1. Injectables
    2. Lyophilized Powders
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